Top 50 Mobile App Developer Interview Questions and Answer

It’s a standard practice to create separate threads for resource-draining tasks — such as database connections or complex computation operations. That’s what CodeSubmit can help you with thanks to our technical skill assessments and live coding interview tools. 32.Explain the concept of responsive web design in the context of mobile web development. It is responsible for managing the app’s lifecycle, handling events such as app launch and termination, managing background tasks, and responding to system events. Developers can use the AppDelegate to set up initial configurations and perform tasks that need to occur when the app starts or enters the background. RecyclerView is a more advanced and flexible replacement for ListView in Android.

  • Seamless functionality means that the app performs smoothly without glitches or crashes.
  • You can describe each step, including research, design, development and testing.
  • This question can help the interviewer determine how you might fit into their company culture.
  • It is important for a Mobile Application Developer to be able to test their mobile application thoroughly in order to ensure that it is functioning correctly and is free of any bugs or glitches.
  • Finally, it provides the interviewer with an opportunity to learn more about the mobile developer’s thought process and how they approach problem-solving.
  • Learn what skills and qualities interviewers are looking for from a senior mobile developer, what questions you can expect, and how you should go about answering them.

The user can move, going to some tunnel or area without WiFi or cellular network access. Loading tons of heavy data when users use their cellular network will drain their data packets and expose them to additional costs. The developer might provide an offline mode and different data loading behavior when working on WiFi, LTE, 3G or H; e.g., do not download movies or request lower-quality images. Native apps are written specifically for one platform, in the language used on said platform, i.e. These apps have the best performance and can be designed for the specific platform which users are used to, so iOS users will not be surprised by some Android behavior or layout and vice versa. Localization (“l10n”), on the other hand, is the process of preparing the content of the app to be available in different languages.

Why did you choose to include these features?

Hiring managers want to ensure that you, as a mobile developer, can create apps that look and function well across a wide range of devices. Demonstrating your ability to adapt and optimize the user experience for different screens is a key skill that companies seek when selecting the right candidate for the position. The MVC design pattern is a cornerstone of modern software development, and interviewers want to gauge your understanding of this concept. As a mobile developer, you’ll need to apply this pattern to create scalable and maintainable applications. By asking for an example, they’re looking to confirm that you’ve practically implemented MVC in your projects and can translate the concept into real-world applications.

Threading is the practice of running multiple threads (smaller units of a process) concurrently within an application. It’s used to improve app responsiveness and performance by offloading time-consuming tasks, such as network requests or database operations, to background threads while keeping the main UI thread responsive. Swift and Objective-C are both programming languages used for iOS development.

What development platform do you recommend for our mobile app?

They have to check how the app looks in smaller phones, bigger phones, tablets, etc., and adapt the layout to them. The permissions mechanism can change between OS versions, so the developer has to be aware of that. For example, on Android below version 6.0 (Marshmallow), permissions were declared in AndroidManifest.xml, and users granted all of them during the app’s installation. Common Mobile App Developer interview questions, how to answer them, and sample answers from a certified career coach.

From high engagement to mind-blowing revenue estimates of over $900 billion dollars in the next three years, the value of building mobile products is undeniable. A ThreadPool is a software design pattern that maintains multiple threads waiting for tasks to be allocated for concurrent execution. A ThreadPool can run multiple parallel instances of a task because it consists of a task queue and a group of worker threads. This app supports both iOS and Android and provides information about app crashes, including the operating system version, device manufacturer, user language, and full-stack trace. Localization, on the other hand, is all about translating content so that it’s available in different languages. Resources for different languages are often kept in different files and folders and the operating system chooses the right one based on user settings.

How do you use audio to enhance the user experience of your apps?

This question can help the interviewer determine how often you update your portfolio and what kind of information you include. This can also show them if you have a personal website or portfolio that they can view to learn more about your experience. Consider mentioning any recent projects, awards or certifications you’ve earned in your response.

mobile developer interview questions

This could include encrypting data, using authentication measures such as passwords or biometrics, implementing access control measures, and conducting regular security audits. You can also talk about any experience you have with developing secure mobile apps and how that has helped inform your understanding of best practices for data security. Mobile app development requires a deep understanding of both the user interface how to become a mobile developer and the data security measures necessary to protect user information. The interviewer is likely asking this question to determine the extent of your knowledge of security protocols and best practices. They want to know that you understand the importance of safeguarding user data and that you take the necessary steps to protect it. When it comes to developing and maintaining a successful mobile app, user feedback is key.

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